If TOPAZ comes to you, it may be an indication that it is time to speak your truth fully, right now. No holds barred. Please do not be afraid. The universe loves those who speak the universal truths of love and right relationships.

Remember that the truth is always simple. Anything that appears too erudite or complex has not yet arrived at the quietude that truth resonates when spoken with a clear heart, a clear mind, and with the intention of good will for all.

So what is your core truth? Do you really know it? Your core truth is not only about what you would die for, it is about how you want to conduct your life right now, at this present moment.

Truth is not permanent. It can change. Topaz reminds you that change is good. Do not cling to what no longer serves you. Throw it away, symbolically that is. Burn it in a pyre you construct in your mind. Thank it for its time with you. And let it know that you are now stepping forward to a new truth that you are coming to better understand.

Your life, like all life on planet earth, is a series of lessons. And you are often tested regarding how well you have mastered a particular lesson you are working on. So focus with deep intent on just what your lesson is today and what it is that you would like to walk away from - not to escape your current lesson, but rather to embrace it more fully.

This is a powerful truth topaz is asking of you. This semi-precious stone of multi-colors clear, yellow, orange, and more rarely pink and blue reminds you just to be you. Speak your truth proudly. Live your life fully: with the light of yellow to illuminate your way, the pink of love to give meaning and purpose to all that you do, and the blue of good will and harmony for all.