SUGILITE says, “Hold on for you are on a journey of cosmic wonderment.” A semi-rare stone from South Africa, sugilite’s vibrant amethyst tones interlaced with black pull you out of yourself and into the realm of the divine. A journey stone par excellence, sugilite comes to remind you that you do not need an airplane, car or motorcycle to travel rapidly and far - you hold those powers within yourself.

Like the fabled magic carpet of the Middle East, sugilite says come journey with me, explore the realms beyond your sight. Consider where you would really like to go, if you could go anywhere you wanted. Would you travel through time, backwards or forwards? At the higher vibrations, time is just an illusion, the same way that you and I are. And like all illusions, when you look at it as such, it can melt away and open a portal to dimensions and levels of reality you never imagined you could ever traverse.

Or perhaps you would like to journey to connect with somebody or something you miss deeply: it could be somebody who has passed on or is far away or for whom you are estranged but you still love very much in the deepest recesses of your heart and soul. If this is the case, give wings to your intention and let it soar - you can meet the desired person, place or thing in the body-less place beyond space and time.

This card calls you to envision and then journey on spirit wings wherever you may be drawn right now. Enjoy the adventure and the thrilling chill of transcending our rigid world for a brief moment. And then come home again, cherishing one of the greatest treasures you can ever find, which is the ultimate freedom that you always harbor within. Sugilite is the power and freedom to do and be anything, anywhere and anytime.