If you have selected this card, consider yourself a lucky human for you are being gifted with the gift of universal connection and communion. True communion, that is! Not the communion of a wafer and wine or the communion offered by other human-created institutions and structures: whether they be so-called religious, spiritual, political or economic.

Look to the heavens and find a special star that seems to be sending a special twinkle just for you. Feel its energies infusing you, caressing you, moving through you. And then send back to it your own love and gratitude.

While some may see the stones and stars as two very different kinds of entities, at the spirit-level they are no different than you and me, he and she, us and we. You know you are a star-being, donít you? And every time you hold a shining crystal or a smooth river-tumbled pebble in your hand with gratitude and grace you are also communing with the celestial realm.

While Planet Earth has many special partners and connections in the celestial realm, a very special one is a small planet located in a nearby solar system. On it, beings take what has transpires on Earth, process it via synthesis, and then radiate it back to us again.

Does this sound strange? If you have selected this card, you know this truth in your sinew and bones. Acknowledging the possibility that our beautiful planet connects with other planets and celestial bodies in a network of mutual reciprocity and empowerment is what this card suggests to you today. Knowing this can truly help to transform your world!