MICA whispers, “Dare to be different – as different as your own true self.” We all wear our masks of daily life, masks we have been taught to use by our parents, our peers, and society. Some masks can be useful because they empower us in new and different ways and inspire us through whatever they represent. But the masks that most of us use in our lives are not designed to heighten our sacred sensitivity; instead, they are masks designed to dampen it. Whenever we put on the mask of the good child, the hardworking breadwinner, even the societal rebel, we are using an artificial identity to cover up and disguise our own true (and sacred) identity.

So if you find yourself using such a self-protecting (or so you think) mask so that other people won’t perceive the true you, dare to take it off. Just as mica has many layers that are easy to peel away, so do you. Peel away some of them now to more fully reveal yourself as the luminous being of light (and darkness) that you truly are.

Another possible interpretation of this card is that you may be contributing, perhaps unintentionally, to making those around you (maybe even those you love most deeply) put on their own particular masks whenever they are around you. Through judgments and haranguing the other person to be better and different than who they actually are, we can create those kinds of masks in others. And if those masks become so attached to that person’s identity that they can not or do not want to take it off, true soul loss has occurred.

So if you feel that some of the masks you wear serve more to hide then to reveal your true soul-power, move them away from your visage and life. Burn them in the cosmic flames of transmutation, bury them in the deep earth, fly them far away from you, ex-hale them from your life as you in-hale the fresh air of your own true self.

Unmasked, you reveal your own authentic self: bumps, warts and bruises. You might be afraid that others will not like to see your true face because it is not perfect or polished, or perhaps because it is too pure and bright. My beautiful cosmic child, rest assured that you are so beautiful just the way you are. True perfection does not come from being perfect, or even striving for perfection in the earthly sense of the word. True perfection means loving and living your self in full soul-fullness and authenticity, knowing that you are just who you are supposed to be without any ifs, ands, or buts.