Mother Earth

Father Sky


  1. Mother Earth -- EMERALD: HEART WARRIOR

    EMERALD heralds the path of the warrior. Do not shun it for the sake of peace and harmony. Rather, embrace it for you are being called to be a warrior and it is up to you to decide what you will fight for. There are many paths available to the warrior and as many ways to embody warriorhood in your life and actions.

    The human condition is all about accepting and becoming the warrior that each and every one of us are called to be in our own lifetime. We enter this earthly plane fighting for birth through a tight and tiny canal that is constricting and harsh. It tosses and tumbles us, taking us out of the security of the womb and thrusting us into a lifetime of need: the need to eat and drink, sleep and defecate, to touch and be touched, and more.

    Many of us spend our lives struggling – oftentimes unsuccessfully – to figure out what we ourselves are all about, and what life is all about. Sometimes we lash out harshly and randomly because we are insecure and afraid. Sometimes we step off cliffs into dark precipices and rashly climb high mountains we are unprepared to scale. All in the search for meaning and purpose.

    But a warrior, a sacred warrior that is, knows what he or she is fighting for. Being a warrior is about values and choices. It is about honing our skills with precision and direction. It is about discipline and sustained intention. It is about drive and power and passion and force. And it is something all of us struggle to attain.

    Humans of many cultures and places have mistakenly equated being a warrior with war and warfare, blood and guts – fighting the eternal enemy ‘out there.’ But this is only one type of warrior and a very narrow definition of warrior-hood. Warrior-hood at a sacred level is about refining and polishing yourself through discipline and dedication to the light of the universe. All warriors carry their own energetic swords, polished and embellished with special soul gifts accorded them by spirit, which they use to forward their thrust and life purpose on Earth. The warrior knows why he or she is here, and how to go about accomplishing their soul task.

    This card speaks to you of this sacred knowledge and purpose, inviting you to accept and embrace the warrior within you as you strive to connect with spirit for guidance and protection. It is ultimately in the pursuit of cosmic truth with a capital T that you are being asked to fight. This truth resides in your heart – not your muscles or even your mind. Emerald is here to remind you of that heart call we all have.

    The creed of the heart warrior is quite simple: It is to strive for the highest good for all – animal, plant and mineral too. It is to work for the light while still embracing the dark. And it is to respect and honor all who cross your path, whatever it is they allege to believe in or think. This creed, if sincerely followed, will help polish you to be the shining gem that are can potentially become.

    All cultures and all peoples from time immemorial honor the great warriors for the greatness they can portend. Remember that the highest rank of warriors do not need to call upon physical force at all, for they know how to make things happen by the force of their will, when aligned with divine will.

    So pick up your sword with emerald as your guide, and lift it up high, willingly treading the path laid out before you of your own warrior-hood. Do not be afraid to fight for the right, which is the light – the eternal light – that transcends all of our shadows and nights.

  2. Father Sky -- METEOR: SHAPESHIFT

    METEOR has entered your life to say it is time to shapeshift into anything you want to be or you want the world to be. Release any ‘what ifs’ or ‘not possible” and fly with the power of meteors, comets and other celestial bodies anywhere and anyway you want. That is how powerful rocks that from beyond the Earth can be!

    Due to their extra-terrestrial origins, meteor’s energies are like no other type of stone found on Earth. Meteors number among the most revered objects in many spiritual and religious traditions. The great black stone of Mecca, the most sacred site for Muslims, is a gigantic meteor. And moldavite - a greenish granular meteoric stone from Eastern Europe - is considered one of the most powerful transformational stones by many crystal workers. Some moldavite aficionados even claim this stone to be the true Holy Grail of Christian lore. And science is coming to understand more deeply the profound role that meteors have played in our own planetary history.

    This card comes to remind you that just as you are made from the Earth, so too are you made from the sky. In fact, your being connects the earth to the sky – you are your own celestial ladder, your own axis mundi, your own sacred tree of life. Being reminded of this sacred truth gives you great power, but it is a power unlike that of the terrestrial realms. It is the power of the initiate of mystical wisdom who knows that all dimensions and possibilities reside within us all the time.

    Meteors journey to us with a message of profound significance, which is that nothing is preordained. Everything is ultimately fluid and flexible on planet Earth (and beyond). Life is only as rigid as you choose to make it. So if you are a brave soul who resonates with the crystal lore, use meteor as your guide to look deep, look high, smile wide, and journey to the other side. And then come home again to share your wisdom with the wise circle you create in your daily life.


    If LABRADORITE has chosen to enter your life, you are being called to mastery and offered the opportunity to gain soul learning and wisdom. Labradorite speaks of the potential of en-lightenment inherent in all of us, which is why some call it a stone of magic. But labradorite is truly so much more powerful than what some consider magic to be, for it is a journeying stone that can take you as deep and as far as your body, mind and soul are willing, and then perhaps even a bit beyond that. Labradorite urges you to connect with the soul of the universe, which is the realm from which all wisdom emanates.

    Labradorite is a type of feldspar that has luminescent qualities. Dark at first glance, it harbors a rainbow of iridescent light if held at the right angle. Thus, labradorite physically replicates what wisdom in all about, which is accessing the universal light that exists in all places and times. And of course, wisdom exists within you!

    Our life is all about gaining wisdom, this is why we come to Earth. But wisdom is not something that happens automatically. While we grow physically during childhood without much apparent attention or effort – growing in wisdom (which is soul growth) demands discipline, dedication and direction. Wisdom leaning will not happen, unless you will it to.

    If you do wish to will wisdom into your life, the first stage involves undertaking your own personal initiation. This is necessary to prepare yourself to become a clearer receptacle for en-lightenment. Ask labradorite for assistance in the process. Consider what no longer serves you, be it habits, memories, repetitive behaviors that are not productive, relationships that are not supportive, self-defeating behavior, lack of self confidence, fear of failure, or whatever. Breathe them into labradorite or envision releasing them into a gigantic bonfire. Whether by stone or fire, allow them to be transmuted. They are no longer part of you!

    Now take a walkabout (either via meditation or in the physical realm) looking for a water source, be it river, ocean, lake or waterfall. When you find it, wash yourself in its flows, cleaning away any debris from your body and soul. Then look deeply into the water; perhaps you will see scenes of your life flowing by that can shed some light on your life purpose and mission.

    Now you are ready to become a wisdom warrior, remembering that your life is a journey and what is most important is the journey itself, rather than the final destination. Open up to cosmic en-lightenment, being willing to share your own wisdom with those in need. That is what the labradorite creed asks of you: mastery of the light of ancient wisdom so you may be a master of light in times of darkness on Earth. Go out and do just this – as the sacred wisdom warrior that you can be.